Press Release/Beat The Heat With 8 Must Have Beauty Summer Foods

Beat The Heat With 8 Must Have Beauty Summer Foods

March 11, 2016

Beauty Treats that help nourish body and battle the heat wave in an all-natural way

Mumbai: With the mercury level rising to a new high every day, the Summer 2016 is in its onset to completely drain and dehydrate the body and skin, making it appear low on energy. It is time to not just prepare the body but also the skin to attain the extra nourishment to keep it hydrated, this summer. Adding simple yet delicious foods to the diet, which will support skin’s function is important to keep looking radiant.

To maintain a healthy glow inside and out, HyperCITY lists down the must have beauty summer foods that will nourish, beautify and enhance the glow.

BERRIES: Skin Saver
Berries are packed with Vitamin C, Potent Antioxidants and liver purifying elements which help keep the body hydrated, cleansed, and protected (from harmful UV rays). Eating more Vitamin C rich foods, such as Blueberries, Strawberries, etc., will help to ward off wrinkles and age-related dryness.

Considered as an “exotic” food in the west, Coconut – an inexpensive and underrated fruit, is full of health benefits and has remarkable cooling properties. It is laden with natural sugar and essential minerals that help keep the body well hydrated. Apart from Coconut Water, Coconut Oil is also highly recommended whilst preparing meals. It improves digestion, cuts down calories and has a dramatic influence on skin and hair.

CUCUMBER: Natural Hydrating Agent
Cucumber is both used for hydrating and cooling for the body. It not only helps relieve puffy eyes, but also help keep the body well hydrated. With high water content, Cucumbers also make for a great eye mask to calm them down from soaring heat and pollution.

AVACADO: Ms. Moisturiser
Our skin needs fat in order to stay hydrated and glowing. Avocado is a natural way to nurture our skin and hair. The fruit is packed with essential nutrients that soothe and moisturize the skin. As nature’s own moisturizer, Avocadoes are also rich in healthy fatty acids.

TOMATOES: In-house Sunscreen
With varied health and beauty benefits – including when applied directly to the skin or as part of a myriad of facial cleansers, Tomatoes have lycopene, which is an antioxidant and hence works as a sunscreen from within. They help boost our skin’s natural defence against sun damage and improve its appearance.

ZUCCHINI: Ms. Light Weight
With the onset of summer, one must avoid binging on heavy foods that take longer digestion time. And hence feeling drained out post each meal. Replacing high-carb food with Zucchini can do the trick. Zucchini, with only 20 calories per cup, can be used in plentiful of recipes of varied cuisines. From Vegetarian Lasagne, to Salads, or just Sauté in a brown bread sandwich, makes the body feel a lot lighter and avoids the overburdening on body and skin.

SALMON: Fish Factor or Being Fishy
The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon form a protective layer of wall around body cells, armouring well enough from the damage caused by UV rays. Consumed twice in a week, Salmon not only nourishes skin, but is also good for heart.

HOT TEA: Do not go by the name
Ironic to its description, a cup of hot tea (green or without milk) can trigger body’s natural cooling system. It brings down the body temperatures and quenches the bodily thirst after a hot sunny day. Available in natural blends, such as raspberry, chamomile, peppermint and hibiscus, tea is high in antioxidants, including vitamin C and anthocyanins.

This summer, apart from applying natural masks on the skin, do not forget to feed it well too!

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