Press Release/Calling All Aspiring ‘Home’ Chefs

Calling All Aspiring ‘Home’ Chefs

July 20, 2016

Keen Cooks Dish Up Home Food with ‘HyperCITY Budding Chef’

Mumbai: Craving fresh home-cooked meal but too lazy to make one up yourself? Head to HyperCITY Retail (India) Ltd., one of the largest hypermarket chains in the country, as it announces one of their pioneering initiatives called the ‘Budding Chef Initiative’. The Budding Chef Initiative is curated to create a unique platform for amateur and home chefs to showcase their culinary-cum-entrepreneurial skills at HyperCITY stores.

As a part of its community connect, through the Budding Chef Initiative, HyperCITY aims at establishing a common ground for aspirant chefs, food enthusiasts and home cooks in the neighbourhood to showcase their creativity and passion for food.  HyperCITY will provide these local chefs with rent- free space and full support in stores to sell their dishes and establish themselves for a period of one month. HyperCITY will not charge or take any incentive from the chefs concerned.

The Process:

  • To get started, interested applicants must register with their nearest stores and respective store managers in which they have to disclose their experience, certifications, and social profiles (their passion / connection with food).
  • Selected applicants will then be personally vetted by the HyperCITY team, who will taste the dishes beforehand (criteria – taste, quality, quantity, packaging, etc.)
  • Once applicants are approved, HyperCITY then provides them with a suitable date and information on how to photograph, price, and schedule their meals in the neighbourhood store.
  • All cash transactions, involved while retailing, are to be handled by applicants only.

Anyone can be a part of this initiative, as long as the applicant signs up to the terms and conditions of HyperCITY and has a license from The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Manoj Jain, Vice President, Marketing, Visual Merchandise and Loyalty at HyperCITY Retail (India) Ltd, said, “We want to encourage local and keen home chefs to come to HyperCITY and discover their gastronomic potential. With an opportunity to build a meal from the ground up, we, at HyperCITY, hope to empower up-and-comers to run a kitchen of their own. We strongly believe that the HyperCITY Budding Chef Initiative is the first step of encouragement to these potent yet modest chefs.”

So reach out to your nearest HyperCITY store and become the star chef in your neighbourhood!

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