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Excited, stimulated and fanatically committed, that’s who we are. So, if you are a bold, daring, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking, inventive, persevering, resolute, yet humble individual; HyperCITY is where you got to be.

Our staff is young, enthusiastic and fun-loving. We believe that our people are our strength and hence we created a work environment that is professional, passionate and enriching. Our office is a colourful & vibrant place that you would look forward to be at every single morning.

Our Anthem “Jeet Lo” is not just a Song, it is a Feeling, a Direction, an Emotion, an Inspiration, a Guide and an Unending vibe!! The foot tapping music and meaningful lyrics remind us of the values that define us!


We have a desire to passionately drive growth, profitability and leadership, a passion for innovation and new learnings and a focus on building the business viably and sustainably. We endeavour to make this possible by conducting regular training sessions and management development programs for our employees.

We ensure our staff achieves both organizational and personal goals by not only helping them grow as professionals, but also as team-players and individuals.

“Jeet Lo” is our official anthem. It is not just a Song but a Feeling. It provides Direction, Emotion, Inspiration & acts as a Guide which gives an unending Vibe! Give our anthem a listen here, just push play.

The foot tapping music and meaningful lyrics mirror the Values that define each and every employee at HyperCITY!

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