Press Release/Distance is no barrier for my passion: Hamida Abid

Distance is no barrier for my passion: Hamida Abid

November 11, 2016

Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals if you have the passion and determination to go all the way. Hamida Abid’s work is inspired by this philosophy. Hamida runs a business preparing and selling ‘masalas‘ back home in Saudi Arabia. Passionate about perfection in taste as well as presentation, she travelled all the way from Saudi Arabia to participate in the HyperBuddingChef contest. As a food enthusiast constantly experimenting and creating new dishes, she regularly updates her creations on her website. While this website is run by her friend, it has helped her reach out to other food connoisseurs which is how she finds true happiness: through sharing.

In the HyperBuddingChef contest, she delighted the judges with her dessert preparations. Even though this wasn’t her strength, she won over her self-doubt and emerged as one of the strongest candidates. Contestants going the extra mile to prove their talent with fierce passion is what makes the HyperBuddingChef contest so very special. It makes them emerge as stronger people, achieved through self-belief, hard-work and perseverance. We salute Hamida’s dedication and feel inspired by her work, hoping to see many such creations in the coming years.

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