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No Excuses

November 10, 2016

Taking inspiration from food enthusiast Hamida Abid

When countries and miles were no excuse for Hamida Abid, nothing should be for you either. Hamida
Abid, a food enthusiast and entrepreneur, travelled all the way from Saudi Arabia to participate in the
HyperBuddingChef contest. Back home, she runs a business preparing and selling ‘masalas’.
A strong believer in the saying that sharing multiplies your happiness, she regularly updates her website
with her recipes. Although this website is managed by her friend, it has helped her share her experience
with others who are just as dedicated to cooking as Hamida is.

For the HyperBuddingChef contest, Hamida chose to challenge herself and prepare desserts for the
judges, despite knowing that it wasn’t her strongest suit. But when dedication and hard-work combine
with passion, the result is something astounding. This is what happened with Hamida: the judges were
floored by her skills and she emerged as one of the strongest competitors.
Strong, confident and persevering, there are numerous women who emerge out of self-doubt and break
the shackles put on them by the society and sometimes, by their own selves. This makes them stronger
and more fulfilled. They become the source of inspiration for many and believe in supporting each other
and growing together. Do you know anyone like that? Then share their stories with us in the comment
section below.

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