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We are nothing without our partners. We strongly believe in co-creating a sustainable way forward and we invite you to partner with us to grow Together Towards Tomorrow. We boast of an open and transparent environment that is fair to our partners and we continuously strive to ensure that we grow together. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome in order to create a win-win situation for everyone.

More than 20 lakh customers visit our stores every month giving our partners an opportunity to connect with a large potential market. Our Discovery Club database is a source of valuable insights into customers shopping frequency, buying patterns, preferred brands and more. So partner with us, because together we can.


We are a trusted brand for our customers. We have been awarded the ‘Most Admired Retailer’ and ‘100 Shops You Must Visit across the world’. We try to live up to our promise of offering our customers an experience that is ‘Something Fresh every day’.

Our customers look forward to new product launches and brand introductions only at HyperCITY. So, if you’re looking at launching a new product or building your brand, we are the ideal platform for you.

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